And We’re Live in 5… 4…. 3… 2…


That’s right, folks! A Very Persistent Illusion is officially live! It only took seven months… And a couple of false starts… but… hey, we’re live now!

“So, Jay,” you might be asking, “why did it take you seven months to finally release an episode of a show you’ve been working on for a couple years?”

Well, random (but already loved) listener, it boils down to this:


Change comes out of nowhere. It hits you square in the face, like a sledgehammer to your, well, everything, shaking the foundations of your existence.

Sound melodramatic? Well, maybe it is. But let me tell you — in the past seven months my entire life’s direction has been flipped on its head, and it took a while to orient and begin moving forward.


Coincidentally (not), that is the subject of this inaugural episode. It’s a short one, a warm up, if you will, before we launch into the deeper, longer shows.

Or, maybe the bulk of the show will be like this, with deeper, longer shows falling more intermittently. Either way, welcome aboard.

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Here we go.