Welcome to A Very Persistent Illusion!

There’s a point at which one must consider the perceived malleability of reality and wonder, “wherein lies the limit?”

Postmodernist theory would posture that reality is purely subjective, contingent on your journey to find your truth. It’s an ever-increasing stance that separates the grounded from the dreamers, the productive from the idle. To claim there is no objective reality is to absolve every one of individual responsibilities – not only to others, but to themselves.

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”                                                             

-Albert Einstein

Through this podcast we will examine topics ranging from the obvious to the absurd, from the historical to the mystical, from the socio-political to the mundane, in an effort to find common threads of an absolute reality that spans the entirety of human existence, from the inception of mankind to present (and maybe beyond).

Intrigued? Good.

Welcome to the family devoted to “exploring and examining reality.”

Welcome to A Very Persistent Illusion.


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